R&D and related services

R&D and related services

Insol as a partner of National Instruments - one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment, offers:

  • Development of control systems;
  • Selection of all necessary equipment for the project. 

Providing high-precision measurements 

Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) produced by National Instruments, allow to carry out high-precision measurements that are required for industrial control systems. Sharing LabVIEW and NI controllers provides a fast connection to thousands of different industrial sensors, as well as specialized input-output system, which allows the collection of data at high speed and with high resolution in industrial infrastructure.

Signal analysis by using integrated math functions and signal processing 

LabVIEW includes thousands of advanced functions created specifically for process measurement and control in the industry. Such a rich set of tools greatly simplifies the solution of problems in areas such as advanced signal analysis, frequency analysis, digital signal processing, and others. In addition, the packages are functional LabVIEW add-ons can be expanded in such areas as engineering machine vision, motion control and monitoring of the technical condition of machines and plants.

Increase efficiency and capacity by using advanced management methods 

Using LabVIEW allows for almost any control algorithms - from the conventional PID controller to control based on advanced nonlinear algorithms. Development of the optimal control algorithm "from scratch" or establish on the basis of built-in LabVIEW function blocks can significantly improve the effectiveness of the control system as a whole. In addition, the developer provides the ability to create multiple parallel high-speed control loops based on FPGA and processor supporting calculations in real time.

Flexibility and performance solutions with FPGA 

LabVIEW provides the ability to program the FPGA controller NI CompactRIO. Using equipment with FPGA (NI CompactRIO and NI Single-Board RIO), allows faster and easier to implement the trigger, synchronization, control and signal processing based on a specific set of analog and digital input-output channels.