Systems based on PXI / PXIe

Systems based on PXI/PXIe

One of the leading destinations in the world measuring RF technology is the concept of "Soft defined measurements". Once purchased equipment with modernization program, you can perform various tasks. One of the major advantages of the concept is an open source code and interfaces. The developer has the ability to upgrade any parts of the code and access to any data.

The embodiment of the concept "Soft defined measurements" is a platform PXI - high-performance modular platform for creating automated test and measurement systems. Systems based on PXI are high performance and the ability to synchronize modular instruments. 

  • RF Signal Generators
  • RF Signal Analyzers
  • Switches
  • Oscilloscopes (High-Speed Digitizers)
  • Signal Generators

For rapid development of reliable software for systems based on PXI we use graphic LabVIEW environment and a set of libraries for digital signal processing

Using PXI ensures high technical parameters, rapid development and further development of the project. Due to the open architecture, high-speed RF module, a wide temperature range, platform PXI is ideal for use in special applications.