Special purpose systems

Special purpose systems

What do we mean by a special-purpose system? 

  • Measuring parameters of various special equipment;
  • Testing of equipment (communication, location, navigation) on the stability of a deliberate interference;
  • Imitation countermeasures environment;
  • Simulation of GPS satellite signals;
  • Recording and playback of radiofrequency signal;
  • Determination the direction of radiation by using several phase coherent channels;
  • Monitoring of the airwaves in real time.

Today, there are commercially available equipment with high metrological parameters and characteristics necessary to create a special purpose system - equipment based on PXI / PXIe production National Instruments. The most important features: 

  • The presence of a synchronized high-speed bus transfer information;
  • Ability to handle a large amounts of data in real time. 

PXI - high-performance modular platform for creating automated test and measurement systems.

The vast majority of special purpose systems must work hard in the real time. Leading technology of NI company can transmit information at speeds up to 800 MB / s with synchronization at 10 ps.