Driver library NetDrivers (Product of Year NI Platform Extensions 2015 Finalist)

NetDrivers is a driver library for working along with National Instruments’s hardware. «NET» Series Drivers (Net-RFSA, Net-RFSG, Net-SCOPE, Net-ModInst etc.) functionally almost don’t differ from the originals (NI-RFSA, NI-RFSG, NI-SCOPE, NI-ModInst and etc.), but unlike the originals (NI Hardware Drivers) they do not need to be run on the PXI platform.

Programming by «NET» series drivers doesn’t differ from programming by their originals (NI Hardware Drivers). The only difference is to specify IP addresses of the PXI platform on which the programmer wants to run the driver.

  • One application may involve several large systems consisting of one or more PXI platforms
  • There is no need to create an application Client - Server what makes programming of systems with a large number of remote sources easier
  • Created program can work with any personal computer of the local network
  • Several users can use a single PXI platform. That allows you to organize laboratory works. Students can simultaneously use a single PXI platform from their personal computers

For more information or watch the video by clicking the following picture

or  download the following datasheet