Offline Map API

Offline Map API allows to view and control Map within LabVIEW application. Map is displayed on LabVIEW XY Graph control. Offline Map API works without internet, in "offline" mode. Map is being constructed from "Map tiles". Only thing you need is to download map tiles (for example with SAS Planet program).


  • View and control Map within LabVIEW application.
  • Develop your own code for controlling map. Offline Map is a library of toolkit VIs, which give many opportunities for controlling map, adding and removing objects (lines, marks and text objects), measuring distances.
  • Offline Map installs 5 zoom levels of Google satellite map, but it can work within 1-24 zoom levels range.
  • Supported are "jpg","jpeg", "png" and "gif" tile formats.

For more information download the following datasheet